Singing Along The Way

by Julie Milgram

Some snippets of songs from my just-completed c.d.
  • 01:14 Lyrics Singing Along the Way


    Shadows of night, lingering through the days
    Whispering flights
    Singing along the way,
    Singing along the way.

    Strong are these times,
    United we divide.
    Taking a stand,
    Finding out what’s inside,
    Finding out what’s inside.

    And the sun will rise,
    And the mountain will hide,
    And the days go by
    Soft as the look in your eyes

  • 00:42 Lyrics In Italy


    In Italy, we went to see
    The finest of monuments, art through the ages
    In Italy we sipped cafes, and tried to find our way
    In Italy we changed hotels, we threw our coins
    In wishing wells
    We realized how different we are – in Italy

    In Italy, our finest night
    Was one of those rare times we finally listened
    In Italy our feet were tired, and tired was our soul
    In Italy we saw the future through the past it all came clear
    We realized how different we are
    In Italy we changed our dreams

    In Italy we changed hotels
    We threw our coins in wishing wells
    In Italy we saw the future through the past it all came clear
    We realized how different we are
    In Italy we changed our dreams

  • 01:16 Lyrics Road Untravelled


    Water running down, and outside
    You wade in the river, you run and hide
    Water running down, down, down

    River runs through, and swiftly
    You ride up the river, and wait and see
    River runs through, through, through

    I could walk away, through a hole in time
    Slip unnoticed to the life that was mine
    Change the past
    Banish regrets as I step again on a road, un-traveled

    Light shining out from grey skies
    Catching the spark hidden in your eyes
    Light shining out, out, out

    Carry away the body
    Far from the river, the light, the streams
    Carry it far away

  • 01:04 Lyrics Down, Down


    The sea, the sky, the earth the trees
    Come down to the river and stay with me
    And we’ll go back to our ways, our days in the sun
    We’ll go Down…

    A lake and a cottage, a place in the woods
    A journey to nowhere, no neighbourhood
    Finding out who’s inside us,
    Who really exists.

    We’ll go Down…

    Long days on the highway, the journey’s not done
    The scenery changes but not the one
    Who arrives at the meeting of mind and of soul
    We’ll go Down…

All music and lyrics by Julie Milgram
Produced by Gary Fisher
Vocals: Julie Milgram
Piano: Gary Fisher
Bass: Adam Armstrong
Drums: Ernesto SImpson
Trombone: Jack Davis
Saxophone: Kim Bock
Vibraphone on Down, Down: Tom Beckham
Drums on Down, Down: George Schuller


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